May 19, 2020

Orange launches LTE-M network France as part of connected objects expansion

Connected objects
Bruno Reis
2 min
Orange launches LTE-M network France as part of connected objects expansion

Orange has launched its Long Term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M) network in France in a bid to expand in the connected objects industry.

The telecommunications company initially opened its first LTE-M networks in Belgium earlier this year in May.

As part of its IoT-focused strategy, the firm has plans to launch the network in Spain and Romania by the end of 2018.

Orange’s LTE-M and LoRa® mark’s the company’s commitment to the connected objects market.

“The combination of LTE-M and LoRa® technologies will enable Orange to fully support the explosion in the IoT market and address the broad range of use-cases,” the firm stated in its press release.


“Orange will select the appropriate technology on a country by country basis. LTE-M, which is a technology specifically dedicated to connected objects and deployed on Orange’s 4G networks will address objects that are on the move, in buildings or underground places.”

Orange claims its network is suitable for logistical monitoring, telemonitoring, remote assistance and fleet management.

“Furthermore, LTE-M technology benefits from all the features of 4G including security, real-time connectivity and international roaming, thanks to broad support of the technology from other operators worldwide and already integrates with future 5G standards.”

The LoRa® solution targets low battery power consumption use-cases with inexpensive modules, and is used by 250 corporate customers across France.

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