May 19, 2020

Redavia and GVEP energise Tanzanian food sector

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Redavia and GVEP energise Tanzanian food sector

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Redavia, a German-based energy company, will be leasing mini-grids to small Tanzanian agro processors as part of the company’s partnership with not-for-profit advisory company Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP).

According to GVEP, due to unstable power grids, food processors have to use diesel generators to work through power cuts; access to reliable solar farms (which are charged according to how much is used, per kWh) will significantly reduce costs for the farmers.

A statement from GVEP said: "GVEP is also looking to partner with organisations and NGOs that have identified agro processing sites and communities that are looking for a reliable and affordable source of electricity."

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The service comprises full operations and maintenance, the farms are integrated with gensets to create hybridised power systems. Food processing is relatively new venture for Redavia, which normally focuses on the mining sector.

Rental agreements allow companies to avoid the upfront costs and long term commitments and make solar power a realistic solution to high energy costs.

GVEP works to provide access to energy in situations where large scale providers cannot; it helps grow energy enterprises in areas with a goal of improving the lives of as many people as possible.
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SOURCE: [AllAfrica]


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