May 19, 2020

Safaricom purchases software from Amdocs to find fraud

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Safaricom purchases software from Amdocs to find fraud

The Kenyan telecommunications company, Safaricom, has purchased security software from American firm, Amdocs, in a bid to tackle fraud.

The telecom aims to find revenue leakages with the software, following the 44% rise of employees fired for fraud involvement in 2017.

Last year, the company let go 52 employees suspected on being involved with revenues leaking, an additional 16 to the 36 sacked in 2016.

The “revenue assurance technology and expertise” will provide “more comprehensive and adaptive revenue safeguards for the entire lifecycle of new services across its business,” stated Nicholas Mulila, Director or Risk Management at Safaricom.


“In a fast-paced industry, Safaricom needs to continuously innovate and create new products and services for our customers, which means modernising our procedures and systems for revenue assurance.”

“With our new robust revenue assurance system from Amdocs we can set dynamic thresholds and auto-action mechanisms on alerts to avoid revenue leakage for the life-cycle of our new digital services.”

The software uses machine learning to “detect, correct, prevent, and recover” claims Amdocs.

“With today’s rapid pace of innovation, service providers like Safaricom are looking for ways to balance the introduction of new digital services in record time and as smoothly as possible while protecting their revenue from unidentified leakage, and ultimately fraud,” commented the Chief Marketing Officer at Amdocs, Gary Miles.

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