May 19, 2020

Vodacom May Have Had Growth But Rival Telkom Announced 8ta Contracts

South Africa
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Vodacom May Have Had Growth But Rival Telkom Announced 8ta Contracts


Vodacom, South Africa’s first and leading cellular network, reported increased revenues for six months which ended in September.

The telecommunications company says their customer numbers are up 15.4% to about 4.8 million people. That represents about 20% of South Africa’s customer base. The increased revenue has been linked to the recovering from the effects of implementing the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Relation Information Act (Rica).

Despite the growth in profits for Vodacom, there is a possibility that competition in the coming months will slow down Vodacom’s momentum.

Telkom announced its anticipated 8ta mobile operator plans. Previously, 8ta only offered prepaid services – one voice and one data. Now, 8ta has promoted new contracts that combine both of them.

On the low end of the pricing, consumers can get a Samsung Galaxy 550 featuring 90 inclusive minutes to all 8ta and national landlines, 15 minutes to other mobile phones and local networks and 25 MB of monthly data.

On the high end, you can get a Nokia N8 or Nokia 2710n with 500 minutes to 8ta and national landlines, 200 minutes to other mobile phones and 50 MB of monthly data.

Complete details of all deals offered by 8ta can be found on the website ( Telkom’s emergence in the South African market creates more competition for consumer dollars.

Will Vodacom’s profits stay as high in later months, or will Telkom and 8ta be able to flourish?

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