Sidel To Install PET Line for Coca-Cola in Senegal

By Kgothatso Kage Kgiba

Sidel, a global provider of liquid packaging solutions, has been selected to install a complete PET line for Coca-Cola’s famous Minute Maid brand as well as carbonated water in Senegal.

The contract has been awarded by Societe Industrielle Agro-Alimentaire (SIAGRO), Coca-Cola’s co-packing partner, and will be the third line it has installed at its plant since the two companies started their collaboration in 2000.

The new line will become commercially operative by October 2014 and will have the bottling capacity of 12,000 bottles an hour from 0.33L bottles and 10,800 bottlers per hours from 1L bottles to produce the Minute Maid juice.

Mohamed Fares, Owner and President of SIAGRO Group, said: “Our history of collaboration with Sidel dates back to the early days of our  foundation, when we started our  beverage business with a small line in  2000. Since then, we have built a solid partnership based on trust, reliability and loyalty.”

The complete PET line includes Sidel's proven packaging technologies, a similar solution that SIAGRO already had in the past for still water bottling in PET.

The SBO6 Universal 2eco blower is equipped with the optimized oven-configuration of the Ecoven, decreasing the number of lamps per module as well as the number of heating modules, leading up to a 43 percent reduction in the use of electricity.

The Eurostar MS filler enables filling under filtered pressurized air flow and cleaning station for the outside of the machine.

Alexandre Alcantra, General Manager of Kirene, SIAGRO's leading mineral water brand, said: “In our business, high quality is the key to succeed and expand locally and regionally.

“With Sidel's technology and innovative solutions, we have managed to secure for ourselves a leading position in the local market and implement best practices for successful regional expansion.

Olivier Fraisse, Regional Commercial Director for Sidel in Africa, said: “Since its early days of inception, Siagro has been giving high significance to the aftersales services, which they have learned in our 14 years of working together is something they can fully depend on.

“Over the past few years, we have made rapid progress towards expanding our presence in Africa and today we are proud to be at even closer proximity to our customers.”

Launched in 2000, SIAGRO is the leading manufacturer of mineral water in Senegal under the "KIRENE" brand which holds over 70 percent market share.

 The company also produces nectar juice under the PRESSEA brand and UHT milk under the CANDIA brand. Minute Maid is the latest addition to SIAGRO's chain of brands and the first collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company. 

Alcantra concluded: “The project highlights the importance of the beverage and agribusiness sector which employs mainly local resources, and has a strong impact on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

“Senegal's beverage industry is witnessing a steady two-digit growth, with still water market growing at 15 percent per annum, juice market at 30 percent and UHT milk market at 25 percent per annum.”



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