May 18, 2020

Dubai Civil Defence unveils firefighting robot

Dubai Civil Defence
Nye Longman
1 min
Dubai Civil Defence unveils firefighting robot

Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) has unveiled a robot designed to fight fires, developed in the Emirate as part of a partnership between DCD and the tech company Digi Robotics.

What is known simply as the ‘Fire Bot’ has been specifically designed to be connected to fire extinguishing systems in buildings remotely, and to move to the source of a conflagration and begin extinguishing it before the arrival of human fire fighters.

The project is part of Dubai Civil Defence’s plans to adopt non-conventional systems and technologies to improve the safety of residents and property. The organisation is certainly not afraid to deploy radical technological solutions; in November it commissioned a New Zealand manufacturer to produce 20 jet packs to enable its firefighters to reach the dizzying heights of the nation’s skyscrapers.

Fire Bot is expected to be deployed to serve the logistics industry, providing an instant response to fires in warehouses and factories in which flammable goods are stored. The robot is currently undergoing a three-month trial period to test the viability of the concept.

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SOURCE: [Arabian Supply Chain

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