May 19, 2020

Part of world's largest thermosolar plant comes online in Morocco

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Part of world's largest thermosolar plant comes online in Morocco

Yesterday the thermosolar plant NOORo was inaugurated, bringing together a range of politicians and business executives at the NOOR site in Ouarzazate which, once completed, will be the largest solar plant in the world. The proceedings were headed by King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

The construction consortium was made up of SENER, ACCIONA and TSK which were responsible for the project’s turnkey contract (EPC) for NOORo I. With 160 MWe of power and 3.5 hours of thermal storage it will supply 500 GWh of solar power per year, enough to meet the demands of 135,000 homes. NOORo I will avert annual emissions equivalent to 140,000 metric tons of CO2.

In addition to NOORo I, SENER is a participant in the other two thermosolar phases of the project, NOORo II and NOORo III, in the same turnkey construction consortium. The three thermosolar plants will provide, once online, a total of 510 MWe of power. All will be equipped with thermal storage systems, enabling them to continue to produce electricity in the absence of solar radiation. Altogether, they will avert annual emissions of 470,000 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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